– Low voltage transformers (LV), which manufactures transformers, autotransformers, inductances and reactance, single and three phases; – Medium voltage transformers (MT) which offers to its customers a wide range of new and reconditioned machines, both in oil or resin, to sell and to rent. The repair and maintenance service is available 24 hours a day; – Cold cathode (neon) transformers and converters, sold by a well established distribution net all over the world; – Numerical and alphanumerical LED displays to visualize any kind of message for industrial, service/informative, furnishing uses; – Sign and Lighting LEDS a complete range of modules, strips, aluminum profiles, finished lamps, controllers and accessories for the signage and lighting industries.

Bft Automation

Bft Automation design, manufacture and distribute entrance automation technology which controls access for people and vehicles in residential, commercial and urban environments.

best known for door and gate automation technology but over the last 35 years, our product range has expanded to include traffic barriers, automatic bollards and parking management systems.

The Residential & Industrial business unit is focused on developing automated entry systems for private homes and businesses. The second business unit Commercial & Urban is dedicated to infrastructure solutions for larger-scale operators that experience high flows of people and vehicles which includes not only road barriers, bollards and automatic doors but access control and parking systems.

There are many ways to store or produce energy but when it comes

to guaranteeing standby or emergency electrical power, in terms of

cost, flexibility and responsiveness, there’s no better option than a

generator set from Honda .

Our products range from ready-to-run generator sets to complete

bespoke turnkey power systems with remote monitoring, all with

lifetime .

La Sonora

 was born in 1911, our experience is our first guarantee.

Our internal research laboratory is equipped with the most advanced equipment

and skilled employees ensure a punctual research and they’re always attentive

to new technologies in the field of electronics.

The need for safety in the workplaces and the obligation to adapt to increasingly

strict legislation, led La Sonora to undertake new studies in order to achieve

sound equipment that can meet the different needs of alert.

La Sonora

, thanks to cutting-edge available tools, to staff preparation and a long experience, is able

To assess security needs and propose alerting systems made ad hoc and integrated

Over time with new sirens, where the changing needs require.

A journey that began two centuries ago With over 140 years of cumulative experience, the Group has a long history and has always been at the forefront of striving to meet evolving customer needs. The history of our business charts the history of the cable industry itself, marked by many major milestones along the way, which cement our reputation as an early adopter and industry pioneer.

Today millions of professional and commercial refrigerators, blast chillers and freezers,
dough-retarder provers, ovens, air conditioners, compressed air dryers are controlled by
high-performance regulators. You may often wonder who manufactures these customized electronic controls.
If you see a product operating with innovative technology & long lasting performance it is likely to be our LAE ELECTRONIC brand.

The company is specialized in manufacturing electrical appliances with safety features that are protected and watertight, for industrial, marine, civil, agricultural and OEM applications. The offer of PALAZZOLI extends into a wide range of finished products, to which special customized solutions are specifically developed in accordance to the needs of end-users. The product conforms to technical and safety standards and is manufactured with very high quality materials, in metal and self-extinguishing isolated thermosetting (GRP) and thermoplastic. Palazzoli undertakes the commitment towards all end-users to offer reliable, safe and lasting quality products at the best service.
In the field of monitoring technology, we offer an extensive, balanced line of automation components for your specific application. This allows you to monitor and control various processes on a cross-sector basis. TELE products ensure and enhance availability and reliability in plants, buildings and machines, thus providing you with added value that lasts. We manufacture our products in our own facilities here in Austria. This gives us – and you, of course – the peace of mind that our relays are produced with the highest quality and with extremely long life cycles.

“We connect quality with safety, technology with people, today with tomorrow and this for decades.”
Those who want to win the global market for themselves in a sustainable way must not orient themselves to limits, but to possibilities.PC Electric is guided by this principle in the development, production and distribution of extremely high-quality industrial plugs and sockets.
At the forefront of the industry – the base for this success is as broad as it is robust. It is built on more than 900 superbly trained employees who have established an extraordinary high level of quality and innovation with all their commitment.
Our core business is the production and sale of:
-Industrial plugs and sockets
-Distribution boxes
-Mobile power distributors for construction sites
-Testing equipment
Including product development and tool making Customer efficiency, lean organizational structures and innovative spirit.
Those who seek success need orientation. PCE has found it from the very beginning. Namely in the direct orientation of every company activity towards the customer. For many years, this fundamental determination has proven to be the perfect foundation for all pillars supporting our corporate philosophy.

Constant Innovation
All of this testing leads to constant innovation. We feel that it’s not enough to be “as-good” as the competition, so we strive to be better in every way that matters to our customers. After conducting extensive research into what our customers really want in a portable generator our conclusions were no surprise. Our findings indicated people want more power, bigger fuel tanks, longer run times and excellent customer support.
Built to Last
Every new model is tested for 500 hours non-stop to make sure we catch any areas for improvement before production.

The demands on electrical installations are constantly growing. More and more electrical devices are in use today and there is a growing lack of suitable cables and connections. As the specialist with over 35 years of experience, we develop, manufacture and sell a wide range of installation trunking systems that are used on the plaster – and grow with the requirements.
is an Italian brand which was first founded in the early 60’s specializing in electric materials ever since. products are manufactured in northern Italy , maximising electrical system saftey,efficiency and ease.

The company was founded in 1891 and nowadays enjoys worldwide brand recognition thanks to its extended sales, distribution and service networks across four continents and two manufacturing facilities, based in Italy, which produce technologically advanced products sold in more than 120 countries.
Technical expertise and product performance
We specialize in offering our customers the highest levels of efficiency through the use of technologically advanced solutions developed by our in-house R&D.

The history of Saip is a long journey Which with Every initiative and every project are designed to achieve the most important objective Since late 60’s: to improve people’s safety and quality of life and to offer professionals reliable, safe and functional solutions that make everyday work easier.
Pecso cables srl is a company operating for nearly 40 years in manufacturing and marketing of low voltage electrical cables. Our products are supplied for distribution, plant engineering and civil industry in the field of Italian, European and with important developments in the African and Asian continents. The “Made in Italy” of PECSO not identified only as a product “made in Italy” but also as a model of growth, management and link with the territory.
We are a provider of power generation equipment, including standby and prime power generator sets, alternators, switchgear and other components . we offer power generation systems, components and services, and alternative-fuel electrical generators for use in residential standby, commercial industrial, mining, marine, rail, oil and gas, defense, data centers, telecom and healthcare applications. Looking towards the future with a single inspiring motivation, to sell high quality electric generators all over the world, helping all people do their jobs professionally, without interruption and without forgoing comfort and safety.
Our low-voltage switchgear portfolios offer market leading technology in power distribution and motor control center applications, connecting power and automation for process industry, power and infrastructure customers. Design has been based on the fundamental principles of safety, reliability and scalability. We continue to pride ourselves with setting the standard in the low voltage industry with the introduction of again a true innovative switchgear solution. From installation and commissioning to life cycle maintenance and support, EC Group distribution solution service is also available to keep our customers electrical system installations at the highest level of availability and safety.